Will Jack Dorsey Become the First American’s Bitcoin President?

Will Jack Dorsey Become the First American’s Bitcoin President?

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Anthony Pompliano

Amid the ongoing legislative cryptocurrency debate going on in Washington, discussions have emerged, and the Americans believe it would better fit their cause if the first Bitcoin president is to be elected.

Popular cryptocurrency advocate, Anthony Pompliano, took the matter to his Twitter account and thereafter ignited a discussion about potential candidates that could fit the role.

Before long, one of Pompliano’s followers tagged Twitter and Square’s CEO Jack Dorsey, quoting that the aforementioned was slowly but steadily moving towards the presidential seat.

While most people would have thought this speculation to be very unlikely, Jack Dorsey’s response to the tagged comment was just straight;

A While Ago

The United States cryptonians are battling with their government after the IRS proposed taxing all participants in the crypto markets.

Prompted by this development, a movement initiated by the fight for the future invites all Americans to request their representatives in the Senate to support the amendment by Wyden-Toomey-Lummis amendment for the cryptocurrency provision of the infrastructure bill.

The IRS proposal would require sophisticated requirements imposed on miners, investors, delegators, and node operators to disclose a detailed account form containing lots of private information.

Seeing that the White House endorsed this unfavorable tx imposition on crypto enthusiasts, many have started accusing Joe Biden and his administration of cracking down on crypto.

In a recent interview with Fox Business, Former president Donald Trump labeled Bitcoin a scam against the dollar and thus does not support it.

 @APompliano: 09.8.2021; Bitcoin doesn’t need Presidents, but Presidents need Bitcoin

Here is my analysis of the current political arena, why the political class is unprepared for the doers, and why bitcoin will usher in the change that some have wanted for decades.A few of his 1 million followers presumed this tweet was an effort to pitch for a personal campaign but Pompliano denied having such an agenda.”

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