Wikileaks Receives Donation Worth $280,000 From A Good Samaritan

Wikileaks Receives a $280,000 donation

January 7, 2021

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A crypto fan made a huge donation of 8.48 BTC to the defence funds of the international non-profit organization, Wikileaks two days ago. Julian Assange, WikiLeak’s CEO, is said to have received the funds on 4th January 2021.

Whale Alert, a blockchain analytic platform, spotted the transaction earliest on Monday morning, and this was perfect news for Assange, who had won against his elimination from the US. A British judge on the same day also ruled that the founder of WikiLeaks is suffering mental issues. This has excluded him from extradition.

“For all these factors, I think that there is a possibility of Mr. Assange committing suicide if an extradition warrant were to be released.”

WikiLeaks has received several Bitcoin contributions before. Assange now has a history of early Bitcoin adopters who hold anarchist values. The Bitcoin culture appears to agree with him as a result of his enthusiasm for those values.

Since the Ecuadorian embassy withdrew Assange’s asylum in 2019, crypto contributions to the WikiLeaks group surged. But the British police later arrested Assange and, after finding him guilty, detained him in Belmarsh jail. According to local outlets, the 49-year old was in poor mental stability.

Making 6.65 BTC contributions, which at the time were worth around 33,000 USD dollars. The crypto world rallied together. But despite the Bitcoin boom at the moment, it would be worth about $206,000 today if the donations were kept.

WikiLeaks is only supported by a few members of the crypto community. Some supporters, including Coinbase, which shut down WikiLeaks shops without any warning in 2018, have openly withdrawn their support for the group.

The Freedom of the Press Foundation had decided to withdraw any financial assistance to the group in 2017, and the platform began looking for crypto contributions.

The features of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies make them the right form of currency to send the embattled entity. The crypto community introduced the WikiLeaks defence fund to help defend Assange.

Final Thoughts

Not even the bitcoin wallet has earned any such contributions, according to’s blockchain explorer, though it’s still early days since the court decision.


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