Why Crypto Calls Are Important? What are the top Crypto Calls?

Why Crypto Calls Are Important? What are the top Crypto Calls?

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what are the top crypto calls

As the crypto industry matures, crypto calls have emerged to a state of great importance in pivoting the trading space’s growth. Crypto calls allowed traders and investors alike to delve into the ever-growing industry. Traders have depended on out-dated and traditional methods to determine what cryptocurrency to buy, despite the technology’s nascency. However, with the versatility and volatility of cryptocurrency price-action, it is challenging for an average investor to make profitable gains. In this article, we will delve into why crypto calls are essential in the crypto trading space.

Crypto calls

Trading cryptocurrencies have proven to be one of the most profitable ways to make passive income. As modern businesses are widely integrating blockchain solutions, Cryptocurrencies are dominating the trading space.

Cryptocurrencies have played a crucial role in the trading space over the decade and this is due to the versatility and volatility inherently found in cryptocurrencies. Interestingly the nature of cryptocurrencies allows for skilled and seasoned traders to generate passive income through profitable gains.

Top Crypto calls are mostly calls of action guided by seasoned traders to buy or sell assets at a specific period. Crypto calls are often found in crypto signal groups. These groups consist of highly professional and experienced traders who play a crucial role in guiding their members towards profitable trades.

Seasoned traders guide their members based on personal experience, knowledge, data, news, technical analysis, and the understanding of the current market climate. They work tirelessly in providing the right crypto calls so users and members can benefit from the best gains possible.

One notable example are the MyCryptoParadise crypto signals groups on telegram. We offer a wide variety of memberships for our calculated and data-driven crypto signals that are guaranteed to provide profitable gains.

My CryptoParadise offers both free crypto signals groups and a premium groups that provides some of the industry’s best crypto calls.


Crypto calls inherit pivotal information that is directed by seasoned traders. These experienced traders guide data such as the amount, the time, and the period. If you’ve joined a crypto calls group that is consistent and reliable such as MyCryptoParadise, you’ll be the beneficiary of plenty of notifications.

These notifications are often formatted in the following way:

  • The name of the cryptocurrency

Crypto calls often tell you which cryptocurrency to buy through Binance or Bitmex. Moreover, some crypto trading signals groups on telegram also offer automated bots to do that for you.

  • Buy

Crypto calls primarily specify the price at which users should buy the cryptocurrency. Traders analyze many raw data and weave it with their experience to guide their users to buy.

  • Sell

Crypto Calls further also specify the selling price at which users should sell their cryptocurrencies in order to gain profitable income from their trades consistently.

  • Stop Loss

The calls also specify stop-losses so users can be protected from any significant losses. Seasoned traders rely on strategies such as Stop Losses to substantially mitigate risk and losses for their users.

These calls or notifications are made on the Telegram platform. Telegram has been crucial in being the preferred platform for trading signals and crypto calls. This is because the majority of the cryptocurrency community uses the platform as their primary messaging app.

Telegram emphasizes privacy, unlike other apps found on the app store. Telegram benefits users and businesses with the perks of messaging bots, RSS, and automated bots to create broadcasts and share them with their followers.

Although it may seem very cryptic at first, however, with guidance from the group’s skilled traders and moderators, you’ll learn in no time. Interestingly, with the ParadiseVIP Membership, you will get a personal crypto expert to help you with the basics, teach you how to execute your trades, and give you insights about the risk and fund management techniques. It will mean taking your old trading strategy to a new level while also learning the basics.

Moreover, platforms such as the MyCryptoParadise offer an introductory call with seasoned traders to absorb the vision they have as individuals.

MYC Signals

  • Members: 4,000
  • Expertise: MYC Signals specializes in providing Binance signals and Bitmex signals.
  • Signals: 5/day

The MYC signals originated from a prominent and well-respected cryptocurrency news site, and a publication called the MyCryptopedia.com. The MYC signals focus on providing crypto calls driven by their expertise on Binance signals and Bitmex signals.

MYC Signals, like other crypto trading signal groups, uses the Telegram messaging app. The platform recommends newer users to join their free crypto trading signals group, MYC signals. However, if users aren’t familiar with the Telegram app, they can contact the MYC team and learn more.

MYC Signals offers only two premium channels where users can benefit from crypto calls for Binance, and Bitmex. These premium channels are not free; however, they offer some of the best crypto calls. The subscription can be paid through a personal credit card or your crypto wallet.

Verified Crypto Traders

Members: 8,000

Expertise: Verifi ed group traders specialize in providing Binance signals and Bitmex signals.

Signals: 2/day

The Verified Crypto Traders are a group of talented and experienced traders who primarily focus on providing crypto calls constituting Binance and Bitmex. The Verified Crypto Traders team, unlike other groups, does not offer a free crypto signals telegram group. However, they are registered within the legal framework of the commerce of the Netherlands.

The Verified Crypto Traders offers a range of essential dedicated news on the cryptocurrency market as well as results of the trading signals from the paid group. Verified crypto traders have helped in making trading operations accessible through their bot.

Their bot moderates the crypto trading signals. The bot further sets a purchase price to buy the desired coin at the optimal amount as soon as it reaches the sweet spot, intrinsically set automatically. Moreover, the bot can also sell assets when the price is inching towards the selling price.


Members: Over 4000 and growing.

Expertise: MyCryptoParadise boasts an impressive and extensive background in trading and the crypto market. The Paradise team is actively watching for the best opportunities in the crypto market. MyCrpytoParadise specializes in providing some of the best crypto trading signals for Binance, Bitmex, and Bybit.

Signals: over 80 signals per month

MyCryptoParadise and the ParadiseTeam boasts an extensive background and experience in the trading space. Our ParadiseTeam is on the watch for the best opportunities in the market.

Our best crypto calls are based on calculated, technical, and fundamental analysis in addition to our proprietary AI-based algorithms through our efforts.

top crypto calls

Our unique combination helps us optimize the analytics we provide to our valuable ParadiseFamilyVIP members with perfectly timed trading signals. Our hybrid set of market indicators and risk strategies ensure maximum profits with the lowest risks based on intensive research. Our seasoned traders carefully analyze each crypto call for accuracy so VIP Members can make calculated, data-driven decisions.

There are countless benefits of joining the Paradise Family VIP group. These benefits include getting up to 80 highly professional, calculated, and data accurate crypto calls from our highly seasoned team, The Paradise Team.

Users can get the best crypto trading signals for Binance, Bitmex, and Bybit on Telegram. What helps our users to stand out is that our top crypto calls are purely based on technical, data-driven, in-depth analysis of the market.

The ParadiseTeam enables VIP members with the best trading opportunities in the market, so what are you waiting for! Start trading cryptocurrency like a Pro today! And join the Paradise Family.

Did you know, TheParadiseTeam also offers a FREE TELEGRAM CRYPTO TRADING SIGNALS GROUP! and Yes! We do share the best crypto signals tailored to some of the best risk/ reward strategies that emphasize profits instead of stop losses.

Unlike other groups that emphasize on “Get rich quick,” we firmly believe in long-term profitable trading and trading consistently throughout the year.

Key takeaway

The accuracy of the crypto calls is directly proportional to the fees in some cases. However, proper risk strategy and experience play a pivotal role in providing users with the best calls. Some of the most accurate crypto call providers charge a set amount of fees paid via Cryptocurrency or Credit Card.

Coherently, some crypto trading signal telegram groups enable users to test out and benefit from the channels for free! These free groups may be seductive; however, you can’t expect the best quality or priority from them compared to their premium groups.

However, MyCryptoParadise is a perfect representation. We provide some of the best crypto signals for the love of what we do.

Users’ profits depend on how well they trade, their distribution strategies, and how much they put in; this is why Crypto calls are essential. Crypto calls are crucial for upcoming traders who are inexperienced with market dynamics.

Crypto calls allow for great opportunities for traders and investors to analyze, observe, and learn what to buy, when to buy, how to sell when to sell, and, most importantly, how to maximize profits and MyCryptoParadise is the perfect platform that does it all.

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3 years ago

Not bad. Access to binance signals, bitmex signals, bybit signals and other crypto alerts is like having cherry on ice cream. I’m gonna be a millionaire!!

Jay Trenor
Jay Trenor
3 years ago

Informative article. You never know the little tips that can create ease in trading. Crypto alerts are one of these tools. Imagine implementing this with technical analysis? Lol

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