Ukraine Now Accepts Donations in 14 Cryptoassets

Ukraine Now Accepts Donations in 14 Cryptoassets

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Crypto Donations

Crypto donors supporting Ukraine now have the option to give in the form of 14 different crypto assets. Apart from the Ukraine government itself, many aid organizations collect cryptocurrency on behalf of the country.

Different Forms of Crypto Donations Pouring into Ukraine

Crypto donors have come out in plenty to support Ukraine. Initially, Bitcoin was the most popular crypto asset donated. Now, the crypto community is pouring in donations in the form of their desired crypto assets.

International aid in form of crypto had accumulated to over $55 million worth in just a week of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Crypto executives, prominent blockchain businesses, and anonymous crypto traders dipped into their wallets for Ukraine.

As the number of organizations collecting crypto assets as donations on behalf of Ukraine has increased, so has the number of scams available. When aid in digital assets started flowing into Ukraine, critics warned that Russia could use it to evade sanctions.

Despite the setbacks, a crypto is still a powerful tool for Ukraine. Some organizations at the forefront of collecting crypto donations for Ukraine include Come Back Alive, a non-profit that supports Ukraine’s armed forces.

Ukraine’s independent news outlets, The Kyiv Independent, Ukrainian blockchain community-funded charity Unchain Foundation, and The Return Alive Foundation are other charities collecting international aid in form of crypto. There are some Russian-based allies for Ukraine as well. The protest group Pussy Riot launched UkraineDAO in support of Ukraine.

Ukraine Government Organizations Accepting Crypto Donations

The National Bank of Ukraine and the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine collect crypto assets as donations for Ukraine government.

The former posted wallet addresses, which collected funds to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The latter is appealing for international aid in form of crypto to help with logistical and medical support for the Armed Forces of Ukraine in UAH.

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