Twitter’s Bitcoin Tipping Feature is Finally Here

Twitter’s Bitcoin Tipping Feature

September 24, 2021

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Social media platform Twitter has finally rolled out its Bitcoin tipping feature that will allow users to tip their dearest content creators using the leading cryptocurrency by market cap.

San Francisco-headquartered networking site Twitter hinted at the launch of this feature at the beginning of September. The rumors stemmed from a report by Macrumors, which analyzed Twitter’s beta code for the application’s latest update.

The Bitcoin tipping feature will include support for Lightning wallets, which will extend the project’s application to a payment service to users who host an audio chat room on Twitter’s Spaces feature. Generally, the move aims to support content creators on the platform.

Bitcoin’s Huge Role in Twitter’s Future Has Begun

The CEO of San Francisco-headquartered social networking site Twitter, Jack Dorsey, is a passionate Bitcoin fan. Jack Dorsey has implied severally in the past that the leading cryptocurrency had a significant role to play in Twitter’s future.

Dorsey is clearly standing on the side of implementation and not grand gestures of intentions. The crypto community has seen enough Twitter polls about expanding the reaches of their favorite crypto coins that are yet to materialize.

Twitter’s Bitcoin tipping feature is available for iOS devices. The social media platform plans to roll it out to Android devices later on.

To apply the Bitcoin tipping feature, Twitter users will have the option to use Strike, a Lightning Network application. Strike is famed for its layer-2 services that are said to improve speed and reduce transaction costs.

Alternatively, users can also utilize a menu of options that contain applications such as Square’s Cash App and Go Fund Me. Users employing this method will send tips to a Bitcoin address.

Twitter Looking into NFTs Next

During the launch of Twitter’s Bitcoin tipping feature, the social media platform also announced its plans to start exploring non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Twitter’s Executive Esther Crawford said the feature, will help creatives authenticate their work on a blockchain. Social media platform Twitter is yet to disclose which blockchain it will base the NFTs on.

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