What Is Turtle Trading & Does It Work for the Crypto Market?

What Is Turtle Trading & Does It Work for the Crypto Market?

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Turtle Trading is a classic, comprehensive, and long-lasting strategy that has impacted innumerable investors. The technique, which incorporates many traditional ideas, including trend identification, position size, hazard reductions, and stops / exists, has assisted investors in developing their trading skills and helping them earn large investment returns over their professions. Let’s examine turtle trading in crypto

The next rising market of the future is cryptocurrency. This article comprehensively assesses the efficiency of this turtle trading method in the BTC market. Let’s find out more about this strategy’s functionality and applicability to the crypto market before you think about putting it into practice. 

What is Turtle Trading? 

Trades can benefit from the ongoing trend in trading markets by using the turtle trading technique. The idea is to adhere to predetermined guidelines while making a transaction to reduce the influence of emotions on your preference. This strategy is being used in various financial markets across the globe. 

The success of the Turtle Trading Method also demonstrates that the “secret” to many traders’ success is the assurance, stability, and discipline provided by a properly tested mechanical system. The Turtle Trading rule advocates “Buying Strength & Selling Weakness.” 

The Turtles are required to faithfully observe every trading rule in all circumstances, regardless of wins or losses, to prevent subjective transactions by using systematic tactics. , the basics of turtle trading are linked to buying a stock or contract while a breakout & selling it as soon as the cost retraced or fell.

Turtle Trading experiment: Historical Overview

In the early 1980s, the thorough experiment of the turtle trade started. It was developed by two commodities traders looking for a better approach to trading futures. Here’s a deeper look at how the turtle trading experiment started and how it turned out.

The Turtle Trading Experiment’s Background:

Richard Dennis had already established himself as a successful stock trader by the beginning of the 1980s. He also borrowed $1,600 to make investments in the early 1970s and claimed that he had made $350 million in just six years.

Dennis and his trading partner, William Eckhardt, frequently discussed the success of their commodities trading and how to make it better. Dennis thought that anyone could learn to trade on the futures markets efficiently. 

Conversely, Eckhardt thought Dennis possessed a skill that made him a good commodity trader and enabled him to make money from his line of work. By designing an experiment to support his claim, Dennis decided to end the argument.

After teaching his principles to a group of people, Dennis arranged for them to engage in real-world trading. Dennis gave the traders his money to trade because he was confident in his ideas.

He referred to his trainees as “turtles” after thinking back to the Singaporean turtle farms he had seen and concluding that he could develop traders just as rapidly and successfully as farm-raised turtles.

Rules of Turtle trading strategy: 

Turtles were given extremely specific directions on how to use a trend-following approach. You need to follow the theory “trend is your friend.” 

Insights of turtles trading rule: 

  • When making trading decisions, consider pricing rather than relying on commentary from media sources like newspapers or television.
  • When deciding the criteria for your selling and buying signals, exert some freedom. Test many options for various marketplaces to determine what works best.
  • Schedule your arrival and departure at the same time. Know when to reduce losses and when to take profits.
  • Calculate volatility using the average range, then adjust your position size accordingly.
  • Reduce exposure to the most volatile markets while taking greater stakes in less volatile ones.
  • Only put up to 2% of your overall portfolio at risk in a single trade.
  • You must learn to accept significant drawdowns to generate high profits.

Working methodology of turtle Trading: 

When employing the trading turtles approach, many regulations must be followed. The initial turtle trade regulations have been altered throughout time. Modern traders have tweaked these criteria to better successfully spot trends, even if the original method of looking for potential breakouts is still fairly useful.

For instance, according to the prior rules, an investor should only buy or sell when the price has surpassed the 20-day high. When the cost exceeds the 200-day high, the modified regulations advise purchasing. Turtle trading functions similarly when used to trade and invest in cryptocurrencies instead of equities, bonds, or futures.

Turtles only trade in markets with high levels of liquidity, which results in greater market depth and lower risk of possible losses. Concentrate on the most well-liked crypto assets while using the turtle trading technique.

Does turtle Trading work for the crypto market? 

Traders have widely adopted the turtle trading method on cryptocurrency marketplaces. The outcomes could have been better. It’s challenging to get significant returns using the original turtle trading strategy from the early 1980s. If you want to get desired results, follow the classic & original rules.

According to past experiences, shorting could be a stronger strategy in bitcoin marketplaces. When considering the turtle trading rules, shorting doesn’t offer many advantages and might result in a capital loss if several stop-losses are placed throughout a bull run.

The classic turtle trading technique was designed to be applied with loosely connected markets, which is one reason it could be better for cryptocurrency. In terms of price correlation, cryptocurrency assets are comparatively highly correlated.

Modifications to make for crypto trading: 

Use the moving average method to enter & quit trades. Try out other frequency ranges, such as 30 minutes, four hours, or six hours of trade data. Try out several stop positions; for a long position, this would include setting stops three above or below the entrance. Use different equity allocations using your chosen turtle trading techniques.

Is it worth trying turtle trading in crypto? 

Finding the ideal trading approach that will yield the highest returns is the goal of every cryptocurrency trader. The turtle trading rules may help turtle traders to make the appropriate transactions at the right moments, but they may only work for some. The turtle trading method should be easy for novices and experienced traders.

It will take some time to decide if turtle trading is the right choice for you because the outcomes might vary based on your strategy and the amount of risk. Indeed, many “turtles” who initially participated in the turtle trading experiment found considerable success. It is strongly advised that you have a good basis for every trading choice, regardless of the trading technique you choose.

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Last Words: 

Turtle trading is an innovative method that enables crypto traders to experiment with making investment selections without emotion. It can lead you toward a successful trading approach. The principles underlying this tactic have changed since the turtle trading experiment in the early 1980s before you choose to turtle trading in crypto now. 

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