How to trade on Okex exchange

How to trade on Okex exchange

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Want to learn how to trade on OKEx?  Below is a practical guide to help you get started trading on OKEx.

Step 1: Signing up with OKEx

Customers must first create a profile on OKEx before they can start trading.

Step 2: Ensuring the Safety of Your Profile

Choose Security on the summary tab to see your OKEx account’s security settings.

Step 3: Validating KYC

When it comes to withdrawing money from your OK account, Know Your Customer (KYC) is required. This is not, notwithstanding, necessary to load or exchange cryptocurrency. From the summary profile, select Verification to begin KYC validation.

Next, pick your region from the list of the drop-down nation by clicking on the personal account. Fill in your names, Identification cards type, and Identification number.

Step 4: Customize Your Preferences

It’s critical to select your currency and language settings before continuing. To do so, simply select Preference from the summary profile tab. There are twelve different languages to pick from, as well as nine different currencies.

Step 5: Buy or Deposit

OKEx provides Peer-to-Peer options for users to buy Bitcoin on OKEx aside from the depositing cryptocurrency option. To continue, pick your preferred option. All deposits made to your OKEx fund are automatically transferred to your funding account.

Customers can purchase crypto on OKEx using INR via the direct deposit option, UPI, and IMPS. XRP, OKB, ETH, BTC, USDT, and other cryptocurrencies are among the fifteen available options.

  • Attaching Your Bank Account: Enter your banking information before publishing an item inside the order book. Choose settings by clicking the three vertical points next to management at the top.

To enter your information, scroll to the bottom to payment preferences and select + Enter payment option. Customers can access several methods – Bank transfer/IMPS/UPI – and handle them separately from this page.

  • Entering an Order: On the OKEx platform’s home page, choose Buy/Sell, then P2P beside Quick Trade to get started.

To build your item, hit the Create your adoption on the upper right-hand corner of your screen.

Choose the coin you like to buy, input the value at that you are open to making the payment, and input the number of tokens you wish to buy. To verify the item, hit the submit button.

You can now see your ad on your order book. But you’ll have to be patient with a seller to indicate interest in your ad.

To deposit cryptocurrency from another wallet or exchange, mouse through “Asset” on your home page and choose the deposit option from the drop-down menu that you will be presented with.

Pick the crypto that you’d like to deposit. 

After that, you’ll see your unique deposit address. To withdraw money from a wallet or exchange, have the address copied or the QR code of the address scanned. Fill in the amount you’d like to buy and follow the on-screen instructions. 

Step 6: OKEx Trading

After depositing or purchasing on OKEx Peer-to-peer, move the cash toward your trading account to begin trading. By standard, all transactions are deposited towards the funding account. To send funds, go to Asset in the upper panel and select Transfer from the drop-down menu.

From the drop-down menu, choose the coin you want to send. To finalize the move, input the amount of that coin and pick your trading account to send funds from your funding account as shown in the image above. After the transition occurs, go over to the main menu and click Trade, then choose between basic and advanced trading based on your level of experience. When a pop-up appears, rate your expertise and hit continue. Pick a good trading couple from the list on the left, or search for a coin pair using the search function.

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