The Pavilion becomes the world’s first hospitality franchise to accept cryptocurrencies

The Pavilion becomes the world’s first hospitality franchise to accept cryptocurrencies

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The Pavilion crypto payments

The first luxury franchise, Pavilion Hotels, and Resorts, has debuted as the first hospitality-based industry to embrace cryptocurrencies in everyday business operations.

In the vision to elevate modern-day luxury, the franchise has partnered with UK-based CoinDirect to provide its customers an easy-to-use, secure, and convenient portal where customers can make payments with crypto.

Bookings can now be made from anywhere in the world and are available in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and 40 other different cryptocurrencies.

The crypto endorsement also extends to payments of Pavilion residences which are available for sale at Phuket and Niseko resorts.

Telling Luxury Travel Magazine yesterday, CoinDirect CEO Jesse Hemson-Struthers prides in actualizing such a feat for the Pavilion Hotels and Resorts franchise.

“We pride ourselves on providing partners a platform for instant secure payments with over 40 Cryptocurrencies; this was a critical factor for The Pavilions Hotels & Resorts to ensure the end-to-end payment service is safe, flexible, and easy for guests when booking their next experience at any of The Pavilions Hotels & Resorts’ across the globe. Guests can take advantage of paying in the Cryptocurrency of their choice, based on the currency and location they are situated in at the time of booking, offering more freedom and a contemporary, personalized service.”

Leading the Way!

The beginning is always the hardest; afterward, it’s a rolling stone.

With the new pace set to enhance guest experiences, the tourism sector will most definitely reconsider this global and versatile secure online payment.

The Pavilions Hotels and Resorts, through their CEO, affirms that providing personalized services is at the core of their DNA. A system that assures security and customers peace of mind is the next step for them. The franchise prides itself in leading an entire industry to the exciting new crypto payment methods.

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