The Germany Electronics retailer installs Crypto ATMs

The Germany Electronics retailer installs Crypto ATMs

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electronic retailer in Germany

MediaMarktSaturn, the main electronic retailer in Germany, has taken a step into making the crypto world more convenient by bringing crypto ATMs into use in its stores.

The company announced on 1st June that the ATMs have been in use from the start of May in three of its stores; that is Cologne, Frankfurt, and Dortmund.

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In cooperation with Kurant, Saturn clients will be able to convert fiat to Bitcoins or Ethereum and transfer them into their crypto wallet via the installed ATMs.

The launch of this pilot project will enable Saturn’s customers to have a consumer-friendly experience as they venture into the crypto world as customers do their transactions securely. Christian Stephan, the head of innovation research, claims that digital currency is in high demand among tech-savvy retail customers.

Worldwide Support

Kurat, an Austria-based European market leader which is responsible for distributing crypto ATMs, collaborated to make the project go through. It has set up more than 200 crypto ATMs in many European countries, including Germany, Spain, and Greece.

This cooperation began in 2019, and the company ended up placing its crypto ATMs across 12 Austrian MediaMarktSaturn shops by April 2022.

Apart from that, Sutor Bank, a private Hamburg bank, also took a better part in making the initiative successful. The bank joined hands with Kurat to ensure that all the transactions made were legally compliant and that the bank was available to provide reliable help at the time of need.

MediaMarktSaturn has promised to continue improving its services to the best of its abilities to please its clients. Austria and ongoing pilot projects pose a promising future for Saturn to evaluate and expand its activity segment. The company has done a lot in bringing together more than 410 stores and still has a lot to cover.

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