Swiss Luxury Watchmaker Hublot Now Accepts Bitcoin as Payments

June 22, 2022

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As time passes, cryptocurrency is continuously becoming popular among the world’s population, prompting various businesses across the globe to adopt crypto as payments, in fact, the current dip in the crypto market could not even stop its adoption. 

In its strategic partnership with BitPay, Swiss Luxury watchmaker, Hublot is now accepting Bitcoin as payment for its products. This is to attract more clients with interests in asset classes who are also digital assets investors.

As per the announcement from the company, the Bitcoin acceptance will begin with a limited edition release of the Big Bang Unico collection of 200 pieces.

While the release begins with this limited-edition collection, the addition of bitcoin to the platform will not be going away for the United States eBoutique.

For clients to secure one of these watches from the collection, they will have to pay nearly $21,000 or a price a little above the current Bitcoin price. The Big Bang collection is Hublot’s flagship design and the Unico limited offering is made from titanium.

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More Companies Adopting Crypto For Payments

However, Hublot is not the only company with asset class products to adopt crypto for payments, some companies like Gucci, Balenciaga, and Fartetch are still under trial, while some of them have announced complete adoption of crypto as payment.

Also, Luxury jewelry reseller, SFLMaven, as well as the Continental Diamond jewelry store also announced their plans for Bitcoin as payment.

Hublot Bitcoin acceptance is not the first to happen with companies that produce similar products, Tag Heuer last month, also disclosed its plan to start accepting the digital currency for its online platform.

BitPay has been a great tool in letting businesses attract customers who are asset class enthusiasts and also invest in digital assets. BitPay enables these businesses to accept Bitcoin with little or no knowledge of how it works.

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