SwiftPass and Wallyt to Form Partnership with Findora for Payment Network

SwiftPass and Wallyt to Form Partnership with Findora for Payment Network

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SwiftPass and Wallyt partners with Findora

Findora, a blockchain protocol, announced that it would officially team up with SwiftPass, a provider for mobile payment services, and Wallyt, a crypto wallet. The network of Findora uses zero-knowledge proof technologies to ensure the anonymity of financial transactions and at the same time being auditable.

The protocol has a private ledger that supports authentication of transactions, the processing of encrypted transactions, and financial assets, for instance, derivatives, debts, equities,

Findora confirms that its zero-knowledge proof technology will ensure complete privacy. SwiftPass and Wallyt intend to use Findora to use blockchain zero-knowledge technology to make payments.

Tong Liu, CEO of Wallyt, while speaking about the integration, said that Findora would bring a new system that will balance privacy and transparency as well as building a better transaction network.

The worldwide reach of Wallyt and the vast infrastructure and user base of SwiftPass are perfect for Findora’s confidential ledger. For the financial institutions and other users they serve, the use of Findora is intended to have improved data protection and privacy.

Findora is anticipating the partnership with the two financial platforms in the ever-changing fintech industry. SwiftPass and Wallyt are on the hand content to achieve both confidentiality and auditability

For 100 banks and financial institutions in 50 countries, Wallyt provides electronic transfers and transparent banking solutions.

On the other side, SwiftPass provides 200 banks and non-banks with mobile payment solutions, representing 30 million retailers.

The mobile payment companies are required to provide their customers with improved data protection and privacy through Findora technology.

The zero-knowledge technology of Findora provides users with an easy way to execute complicated operations on completely encrypted files, maintaining maximum anonymity and immutability.

In addition, the zkLDB of Findora comes preloaded with a wide range of fully-compliant privacy-preserving audit tools that allow advanced auditability. SwiftPass and Wallyt can use Findora to have a robust selection of APIs and SDKs that appeal to a number of financial industries.

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