Social Media Platform Twitter to Add Bitcoin to its Tip Jar

Social Media Platform Twitter to Add Bitcoin to its Tip Jar

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Twitter Bitcoin Tip

Social media platform Twitter is working on adding Bitcoin to its Tip jar feature, according to the latest reports.

Twitter’s “Tip Jar,” is a feature launched earlier this year, which allows users to send each other money as a show of appreciation for content creators. 

Currently, the Tip Jar feature only accepts regular money. At the time of the launch, services such as PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, and BandCamp could be added to Twitter’s Tip Jar. Bitcoin will be the first digital currency supported by the feature once it is added. 

Twitter’s Beta Code Hints to Addition of Bitcoin Tipping

A report by Macrumors broke the news based on an analysis of the latest Twitter beta code update. According to this report, the latest beta update will introduce support for Bitcoin tipping via the Twitter’s Tip Jar. 

Although Bitcoin is not yet available on the tip options for beta users, the code in the beta points towards it being in the works. Macrumors added that the Twitter beta code suggests that users will be provided with a Bitcoin tutorial. The tutorial will guide them to the Bitcoin Lightning Network and the users’ custodial and non-custodial Bitcoin wallets.

According to a leaked image by mobile developer Alessandro Paluzzi, Twitter will be working closely with the Lightning Network to bring this feature to full functionality. The image was a screenshot of directions of how to receive tips in Bitcoin. 

As per the screenshot, users will have to open a Bitcoin Lightning App Strike account to receive tips. Social media platform Twitter will make use of Strike to generate Bitcoin Lightning invoices. 

Bitcoin’s Huge Role in Twitter’s Future Has Started

Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey has hinted at Twitter’s integration of Bitcoin severally. He has mentioned that Bitcoin will have a huge role to play in Twitter’s future. 

In July, Jack Dorsey hinted at the rollout of Bitcoin to the tipping jar. His predictions seem to be coming alive finally. 

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