Robinhood outshines Coinbase by introducing 24/7 crypto phone support

Robinhood outshines Coinbase

October 6, 2021

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Robinhood, an online brokerage platform that went public in July, now offers customers 24/7 phone assistance for questions regarding their assets, including cryptocurrency.

Robinhood expands its customer support

It is the first crypto platform to provide round-the-clock phone support, beating even crypto exchange Coinbase, which has vowed to do something similar before the end of the year.

Users who have questions or issues may request a call from inside the app. According to crypto lead Christine Brown, Robinhood intends to contact a person with knowledge in the area within 30 minutes of receiving a request.

When customers are next in line to be called, they will be informed. They will also be given the phone number from which the call will originate to verify that it is legitimate.

Robinhood expects a wide variety of inquiries from its customers, according to Brown.

Customers may seek phone assistance for any problem or query, including all trading and security concerns, as well as any crypto inquiries, according to Christine Brown.

She went on to say that even basic queries like “What is a wallet?” and “What is the difference between bitcoin cash and bitcoin?” can be answered, as well as typical account, trade, and support problems.

Robinhood employs about 2,700 support personnel (including support team) located throughout the United States to handle such inquiries.

Benefits of the 24/7 Crypto phone Support

According to the company, expanding Robinhood’s customer service will help its customers feel more confident, educated, and safe about investing, particularly when it comes to trading assets like cryptocurrency.

According to Brown, customers may now request a call via the app and get a response from a professional person, with an average wait time of about 30 minutes in recent weeks at Robinhood Crypto.

She went on to say that until the business’s recent introduction of 24/7 phone assistance, which is a first for a large cryptocurrency trading platform, Robinhood’s 21.3 million active customers had to communicate with the company primarily via email.

According to Robinhood, customers who cannot log in to their accounts will get technical assistance over the phone in the coming months.

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