How to detect and prevent Crypto Jacking?

October 18, 2021

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The majority of financial transactions and shopping takes place online these days, with more people than ever taking part in such activities. As a result, cryptocurrencies rose to prominence as well.

In 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto (a pseudonym) made an unintentional innovation that would eventually lead to the creation of a decentralized payment system. A digital currency system was created, which was based on accurate and transparent accounts, balances, and transaction records in order to avoid duplicate spending. A substantial rise in the acceptance and use of this technological innovation has been seen in recent years.

With Bitcoin, digital transactions have been accurately recorded since their inception. Several cryptocurrencies have appeared since Bitcoin was created in 2009, with 3000 different types of cryptocurrencies existing as of December 2020.

The financial benefits of cryptocurrency also come with new kinds of risks and threats. Cybercriminals are rapidly switching from ransomware to cryptocurrency hacking due to cryptocurrencies’ rise in value and the less risky potential of CryptoJacking.

Cybercriminals can mine for cryptocurrencies using compromised computers or networks using CryptoJacking, which is less detectable than ransomware.

Everything you need to know about CryptoJacking will be covered in this article, including how it impacts your online security and how to prevent your company and personal computers from being attacked by cybercriminals.

What is CryptoJacking?

CryptoJacking is a kind of hacking in which hackers exploit the computer resources of their victim to mine bitcoin without their knowledge. CryptoJacking is feasible in a variety of forms, ranging from individual customers to large institutions to industrial control systems.

Malware types that contribute to CryptoJacking force infected computers to slow down, since mining operations take precedence over legitimate functions while running on the machine.

CryptoJacking: How to detect it?

The impact of CryptoJacking may be felt across your whole organization. The process of determining which of your systems has been hacked may be difficult. Due to the potential of crypto mining scripts to escape detection, you and your IT staff must exercise great vigilance at all times.

Take use of the following ways to detect Crypto Jacking before it is too late.

Reduced performance

CryptoJacking has the potential to cause a decrease in the performance of your computer equipment. Tablets, laptops, and smartphones are all included in this category. Your employees should report any slowing down of working systems to IT as soon as possible if they suspect crypto mining.


CryptoJacking consumes a lot of resources and can overheat computing devices. These factors can damage or shorten the lifespan of computers. The use of long-running fans as a means of cooling a system can also contribute to overheating.

Monitor CPU usage

Central processing unit (CPU) use should be monitored and analyzed. You may also accomplish it on your own using personal computer software. Activity Monitor and Task Manager are useful tools for doing this. It indicates CryptoMining scripts may be running if an increase in CPU usage occurs when users are visiting a site with no multimedia content.

Keep an eye on websites

Cybercriminals are hunting for websites on which they can embed CryptoMining code. You should regularly monitor your website for any changes to the files or the webpages. In this way, CryptoJacking can be prevented from compromising your systems.

CryptoJacking: How to prevent it?

Although it’s difficult to identify whether your computer system has been hacked by CryptoJacking, the following preventive steps may be done to safeguard your computer system and network from CryptoJacking and your own crypto assets:

Invest in the education of your IT team & IT Team’s Training

The IT team should know how to detect and understand CryptoJacking. In the event of an attack, they should be alert to the first signs and investigate further immediately.

Teach Your Employees

When computers start running slowly or overheat, IT teams need employees to report it. Cybersecurity education also needs to be provided to employees, such as instructing them not to click on links in emails that execute CryptoJacking code or downloading only from trusted sources. When sending personal email from your own device, you must adhere to the same set of guidelines.

Make use of anti-crypto mining extensions

Cyberjackers often use web browsers to conduct their attacks. By using browser extensions such as minerBlock, No Coin, and Anti Miner, you can prevent Crypto Miners from gaining access to your web browser.

Embedding CryptoJacking scripts in web ads is a common practice.  You can block malicious CryptoMining code by using an ad-blocker.

Turn off JavaScript

When surfing the internet, you should deactivate JavaScript in order to avoid your machine being infected with CryptoJacking malware and becoming compromised. Having JavaScript disabled will prevent you from using a lot of features while browsing.

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