PompCryptoJobs website launched for crypto Job Seekers

Anthony Pompliano

January 29, 2021

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The cryptocurrency evangelist and Creek Digital partner, Anthony Pompliano, announced the launch of PompCryptoJobs, a site that will connect blockchain companies to potential crypto job-seeking parties.

Pompliano revealed the launch in a tweet on Wednesday that PompCryptoJobs was already live and already had over 100 crypto-related vacancies from three start partners.

How is PompCryptoJobs beneficial to crypto job seekers?

The crypto influencer, known to many in the crypto community as Pomp, claimed that he intends to leverage his large following in the crypto space to attract more firms and future employees. According to Pomp, the job board aims to cross the divide between crypto job seekers and the blockchain market. In an interview, Pomp said,

“There are millions of people in the US who do not have jobs despite qualifications and even more who wish to venture into the Bitcoin and crypto industry. There are thousands of vacant positions available to the finest corporations in the industry. It felt like this would be a straightforward solution to create a marketplace where those looking for jobs and businesses could locate and collaborate.”

Pomp has a vast number of followers, more than half a million on Twitter, and has always been confident about Bitcoin. He explained that he hopes to attract both businesses and crypto job seekers to the new job board by leveraging his large audience.

The platform is similar to any other job-seeking and employment sites, where it will benefit employers and those looking for jobs. Job seekers must include their names and use their addresses to set up an account and then post their qualifications without any charges.


PompCryptoJobs site will make revenue from those firms who need to announce job vacancies. These companies will pay an amount between $200 to $2500 monthly. The amount paid will rely on job listings posted. The site is designed to reach a wide range of job seekers regardless of their location. Pomp is determined to get up to 10 000 jobs on the board in 2021.

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