Pervesk-Powered Bankera Launches SEPA Instant Bank Transfers for Crypto Businesses

Pervesk-Powered Bankera Launches SEPA Instant Bank Transfers for Crypto Businesses

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Pervesk-powered full-suite blockchain-based banking alternative Bankera Solutions has launched SEPA instant bank transfers for crypto businesses.

With this new launch, Bankera customers can enjoy the convenience of instant payments across over 2,300 banks and other financial institutions with the Single European Payment Area network. The bank transfers will be available for 24 hours every day of the week, including public holidays.

Crypto Businesses Set to Benefit from The SEPA Instant Payments

Bankera’s launch is significant for the crypto industry. Instantly available payments will provide the fintech’s customers with the opportunity to keep pace with the highly volatile crypto market.

Vytautas Karalevičius, the co-founder of Bankera, mentioned during the SEPA instant payments introduction how this feature would serve the near-instant payment settlement requirement of cryptocurrencies. SEPA instant will reduce the processing time for deposits and withdrawals to an instant. Karalevičius added that it was also an opportunity for the crypto business to expand its services by introducing instant fiat currency exchange transactions to customers.

Crypto businesses wishing to take advantage of Bankera’s SEPA instant payments offer have the option of choosing to get a multi-currency account with the company. The multi-currency accounts run with a dedicated IBAN to enable the SEPA and SWIFT payments and very competitive prices.

Pervesk-Powered Bankera To Be the Dedicated Bank for The Blockchain Era

Apart from this new SEPA instant payments, crypto businesses will continue to take advantage of the unique features that Bankera has to offer. The full-suite blockchain-based banking alternative also offers Visa business cards for crypto business. Since merchants widely accept Visa card payments, companies can utilize them to pay for expenses ranging from marketing, hosting, and several others.

Pervesk-powered Bankera is making powerful strides towards being the dedicated bank for the blockchain ecosystem. Its services include BIN sponsorships, customized full-scope white label solutions, virtual IBANS, and card issuance. With such launches, Bankera is most likely to achieve its goals.

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