PEPE Market Cap Hits $1B Following Binance Listing

PEPE Market Cap Hits $1B Following Binance Listing

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Key Points

  • Binance to list PEPE alongside FLOKI
  • PEPE and FLOKI market cap soars following Binance announcement

The world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange has announced plans to join the list of top crypto exchanges to list the currently yielding meme coin PEPE on Friday, surging the PEPE market cap to $1 billion.

Alongside PEPE, Binance will as well list another meme coin FLOKI, and according to the release, the exchange will open trading pairs for both coins at exactly 2023-05-05 16:00 (UTC).

The spot trading pairs are PEPE/USDT and TUSD, FLOKI/USDT and TUSD.

“The withdrawal open time is an estimated time for users’ reference. Users can view the actual status of withdrawals on the withdrawal page,” Binance noted in the release.

PEPE is one of the latest meme coins in town, although the tokens trade at far less than $1, Binance’s announcement has raised the market cap by 77%, hitting a $1 billion mark since it debuted in April.

 Thus far, PEPE creators are unknown, and the token was reportedly created as a frog-inspired token, for now, it has no utility, additionally, there are rumors that members of the team supply 7% of the token supply minutes after TGE.

FLOKI started as a meme coin as well but later evolved to become a fully-fledged Web 3 project spanning decentralised finance.

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