Pennsylvania-based pharmacist feeds thousands of homeless through Crypto

Pennsylvania-based pharmacist feeds thousands of homeless through Crypto

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Kenneth Kim, a pharmacist in Pennsylvania, has provided for many homeless people worldwide using Crypto for the Homeless (CFTHL), an organization he founded in 2019.

According to Cointelegraph, he has desired to use digital currencies to turn the world into a better place.

While still a student at Temple University, he met many homeless people who lived just between his home and the Campus. At the same time, a movie (Blade Runner 2049) was released showing the homeless begging for digital credits.

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How Crypto worked for the organization

The movie gave Kim an idea of how he could use Crypto to collect and distribute funds to the needy. On 28th April 2019, he gave four meals to the homeless people in Philadephia. From there, the organization celebrates its ability to help the needy using crypto donations and a committed volunteer network.

Kim chose Crypto because of its decentralized nature after having problems with PayPal, which would often shut down or freeze accounts. None of these happens with Crypto since he is in control of it.

CFTHL reimburses the volunteers who buy food and deliver it to the homeless people in their local regions with cryptos of their choice, provided they give evidence of the food purchased and photographs of the homeless people receiving it.

Using Crypto has attracted many volunteers from overseas. The volunteers seek homeless people and give food to them by themselves to be reimbursed.

CFTHL Portrays Charity

Kim told Cointelegraph that his organization never set out to solve homelessness but bring about the human aspect of charity which most projects ignore.

His project is about handing out food to the needy regardless of their location. Kim feels that other organizations are cold since they lack the human aspect. These organizations do not show evidence of how they spend the money they receive for charity.

CFTHL monitors every contribution and provides a public ledger to show how the funds are spent.

Apart from running CFTHL, Kim is a full-time pharmacist. He is looking forward to extending his charity services to many states.

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