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Paxful Partners with Lunu to Facilitate Purchase of Goods and Services in Crypto

Paxful-Lunu Partnership

December 1, 2021

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Paxful has partnered with Berlin-based payment solutions provider Lunu to facilitate the purchase of goods and services in cryptocurrency.

The peer-to-peer (P2P) platform for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange Paxful made the announcement today launching the start of this partnership.

Paxful-Lunu Partnership another Milestone for Crypto Payments

2021 has seen cryptocurrencies break through the mainstream economy. The Paxful-Lunu partnership is yet another step for cryptocurrencies.

In June, Paxful launched an e-commerce tool that allowed merchants to receive payments in Bitcoin. The feature works by converting customers’ payments from over 400 different methods into Bitcoin.

The payment solution Lunu has a feature that allows users to spend cryptocurrency the same way they spend fiat money. The payments solutions provider further processes merchant payments for offline companies via its Luna terminals.

Additionally, Lunu also processes payments for online companies via its Lunu Widget. Users can utilize the Luna Wallet to exchange, store, and pay with crypto and withdraw fiat currency.

The collaboration between Lunu and Paxful creates an opportunity for  P2P crypto exchange Paxful users to have access to an easy, secure, and fast method for crypto transactions.

Paxful-Lunu Partnership to Increase Meaningful Adoption of Crypto Payments

Speaking about the integration, the founder and CEO of Lunu, Artem Shaginyan, stated that they would now be able to join forces with Paxful and facilitate an increase in meaningful adoption of crypto payments. Shaginyan added that he believes there will be a synergy through this partnership.

The integration of Paxful with Lunu will serve clients based in the European Union and the United Kingdom. Lunu partner stores where clients can use the Paxful crypto payments include TBA21-Academy, HUYGENS, Maison Courbet, Enaza, Maison Tamboite, Catch, Vin-Malin, La Maison Texier, ARCHOS, L’Exception, Laval Virtual, MB&F, Ocabas, and Prestige Cellar.


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