Newly Approved Trademark Reveals JP Morgan Will Now Provide Bitcoin Exchange Services

Newly Approved Trademark Reveals JP Morgan Will Now Provide Bitcoin Exchange Services

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As transnational transactions are becoming more important in the global financial system, it becomes a necessity for owners of businesses to keep searching for a more easy way to carry out transactions, making cryptocurrency inevitable.

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JP Morgan to Deliver Bitcoin and Crypto Exchange Services, Newly Approved Trademark Reveals

According to recent information on the newly approved trademark, JP Morgan Chase, America’s largest bank by assets, will be providing Bitcoin exchange services to its clients soon.

The trademark, called JP Morgan Wallet was recently approved by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and revealed by trademark Attorney Mike Kondoudis on Twitter on 21, November 2022.

As per the filing, JP Morgan under the trademark will start providing crypto-focused services that include Bitcoin exchange, transfer, and payment services to customers, some of the services are;

  • Providing services relating to cryptocurrency transfers on a blockchain
  • Cryptocurrency exchange services
  • Cryptocurrency payment processing services include processing crypto payments through credit and cash cards
  • Processing cross-border payments by handling foreign exchange settlements in different currencies across several borders
  • Services that involve the creation and management of virtual checking accounts

Even though the bank’s CEO Jamie Dimon has been negative about crypto according to his comments, JP Morgan has not been anti-asset class, which is why its recent move regarding digital assets didn’t come as a shock.

The bank last year had at one time presented to its customers a chance to invest in a crypto focused fund provided by New York Digital Investment Group (NYDIG), a cryptocurrency investment management company.

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