Lindsay Lohan to Give Away $10,000 Ethereum Using Her ETH 10 K’S NFTs

Lindsay Lohan to Give Away $10,000 Ethereum Using Her ETH 10 K’S NFTs

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On Monday, February 15, Hollywood actress, Lindsay Lohan, took to Twitter to announce that she was having a $10,000 Ethereum giveaway for her fans.

According to the message, Lohan will be giving away the digital coins through her new Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) that she branded “The Ethereum 10K”. There are only 100 NFTs available for the public to purchase for the competition. Lohan maintains that the $10,000 Ethereum giveaway will be fair as everyone will have a chance of winning.

How Lohan Plans to Run the Competition

The Hollywood actress went into the details of the competition on Rabble. The participants with a chance of winning must have at least one of the NFTs. The winning price will be 5.995 Ether which currently equals $10,894.05. Ethereum has maintained an upward trend since the beginning of 2021 reaching $1,871 on February 13. With the current pattern, it seems that the value of Ethereum will continue to shoot up.

Lohan said she would announce the winner once the “The Ethereum 10K” tokens are sold out. She could have strategically decided this to stretch out the competition time to allow for ascending wedge pattern of Ethereum to materialize. If this is so, she will be having a significant amount remaining after paying the winner.

Lohan declared that any remains from “The Ethereum 10K” will go to charity. Precisely, Lohan chose SaveTheChildren Foundation as the target charity who shall publicly acknowledge receipt of the donation on Twitter once the competition is over.

Is it Just Another Influencer Job for Her?

While many Lohan’s fans are jumping into the competition, others question her motivation for her sudden enthusiasm for cryptocurrency. Some critics have mentioned that Lohan is paid for these promotions and could be endorsing these digital currencies just as a job and not because she truly believes in them.

The Hollywood actress’ debut into cryptocurrency championing was on January 13 when she predicted Ethereum would hit its $10,000 mark while Bitcoin its $100,000 mark. Lohan has already faced accusations of promoting the Tron blockchain for monetary compensation. Lohan’s out of the blue zest for cryptocurrency may only be another influencer job for her.

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