John Mcafee Runs Ghost Cryptocurrency from Jail, Denies Tax Evasion and Allegations of Murder

John Mcafee Runs Ghost Cryptocurrency from Jail, Denies Tax Evasion and Allegations of Murder

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Mcafee tax evasion

John McAfee, the former US presidential candidate denied charges of tax evasion and murder.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) says that Mcafee hid cash in real estate and a yacht between 2014 and 2018. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is also suing him for misleading investors in Twitter-promoted ICO cryptocurrencies.

He shared more details about his life in jail in Spain and the prospects of extradition to the United States where he describes his jail term as an adventure. He also appears to be in charge of his ghost cryptocurrency project.

John Mcafee claims that the US government, the IRS together with SEC are against him because he brought hidden matters to the limelight.

He is also accused of running a pump and dump scheme using cryptocurrencies. The argument he purchased a bunch of cryptocurrencies then sold it on Twitter to his followers as he advertised it and convinced them to purchase it. Mcaffee claimed that it was a civil case that was not a criminal matter concerning the $23 million-dollar verdict against him. He never responded to the complaint saying that it was clearly a default judgment.

McAfee is still pumping out its ghost cryptocurrency, despite being paid by the SEC for pumping tokens. He confirmed the only crypto project he conducts from jail at the moment is Ghost. Recalling that in August he quit the project because of a fallout with management.

” I have returned to monitor ghost production. My dispute has ended with management. This will mark a new era in cryptocurrency transactions with the announcement that we will soon be launching a private fixed coin. The transaction fee will be shared with all the ghost holders. The transaction fee will be shared with all the ghost holders,” John Mcafee clarified in a tweet.

The U.S. government wants him extradited from Spain, which McAfee says is 100% assured that this will not happen because the Spanish courts will see the deep outrage of the American government against my public criticism of their increasing corruption.

McAfee is the chief suspect in the Belize murder which he denied out the account that he was only a person of interest just like the other Belizean neighbors.

Despite the allegations, Mcafee says that he will continue to correct U.S. government bureaucracy even after being released.

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