Is Grayscale Investment going to Launch New Link Trust?

Is Grayscale Investment going to Launch New Link Trust?

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Newly discovered filings revealed that Grayscale could be launching new products soon. The Delaware State Divisions of Corporations posted a filing that Grayscale had established a Chainlink Trust that it might release soon.

Nonetheless, Grayscale is yet to release an official statement confirming or denying the veracity of these deposits. Ever since the news broke out, the community has come forward with facts that have either added to its probability of being true or false.

How True of False is the Filing

The filings show that the Trusts’ registered agent is ‘Delaware Trust Company’ and not Grayscale. It questions the legitimacy of the information given that Grayscale is the company that is supposed to launch the said Trusts.

However, since Delaware Trust Company is an official service provider for Grayscale, it can access valid information from the company. Furthermore, Delaware Trust Company used the same details in these newly unearthed deposits for the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust filings in 2013.

Filecoin (FIL) Trust is yet to launch publicly ever since its creation in October 2020. Bearing this in mind, the launch of new Trusts is doubtful, and Grayscale’s alleged new link trust is no different.

While it may be true that Grayscale incepted the Chainlink Trust, there is a lot of uncertainty on whether it will proceed with launching it. At the beginning of January 2021, Michael Sonnenshein replaced Barry Silbert as Grayscale’s CEO. Whether Sonnenshein shares the vision to continue with the launch is all a matter of speculation for the public. As far as we know, the plan for the launch of the new Link Trusts may have left with Silbert.

The last time Grayscale made a deposit was with Stellar Lumens (XLM) in October 2018. It took six weeks after the establishment of Grayscale to make the Stellar Trust public. Grayscale’s digital assets trust habitually take days to be made public.

According to the Delaware Business Filing website, Grayscale legally formed the Chainlink Trust on December 18, 2020. Going with Grayscale’s history, the trust should be public already.

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