How to buy Bitcoin (BTC) with SEPA (EU) Bank Transfer

How to buy Bitcoin (BTC) with SEPA (EU) Bank Transfer

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No doubt everyone wants to jump on the moving Bitcoin train. More so with the recent dip, crypto traders are buying more BTC in anticipation of the continued uptrend. Crypto traders or users utilize various means to purchase Bitcoin. These could be specific to certain regions or applicable to certain platforms. One such type of payment means to buy BTC is SEPA. SEPA is a system used majorly in Europe. Thus, if you live in Europe or recently relocated to a European state. You must know how you can purchase Bitcoin using the European payment method, especially if you are using P2P.

Therefore, this article will explain to you what SEPA stands for, where it is situated and how best you can use it to purchase Bitcoin. So, read on and find out more about the European bank transfer means of buying BTC.

What is SEPA?

SEPA simply stands for Single Euro Payment Area. It is one of the most widely-used and popular payment systems in Europe. SEPA is a swift and simple payment and transfer system used in Europe. It is similar to a bank transfer in other parts of the world.

SEPA is an integrated payment system initiated by the European Union to simply bank transfer in the Euro denomination. Typically, anyone located in Europe or the Eurozone area can make use of SEPA bank transfer. Tradition European banks offer SEPA bank transfer services, which means that anyone with a bank account from traditional banks in the Eurozone area can easily transact using SEPA. And if you want to transact using SEPA but you are not presently located in Europe, search to know which banks offer SEPA bank transfers around you.

Unlike popular belief, not all countries that support SEPA payment make use of the Euro currency. But these countries that support SEPA have a special agreement with the EU as regards its use. 

Using SEPA (EU) Bank Transfer

There are three major means of using SEPA Bank transfer to payment which also apply to crypto.

Instant/ Direct Debit

 You can use SEPA via direct debit, which is the most popular means of paying with SEPA. This method involves signing a mandate that allows transfer of money from your account to the recipient’s account. Thus, direct debit is often used for recurring payments.

There are two variations of direct debit using SEPA. The first is ‘Core Direct Debit’ which is open to anyone who can transact using SEPA. While the second is B2B which is only accessible to businesses using SEPA bank transfer. The processing time for this method is often two to three working days.


You can also transact with SEPA using regular credit means. But for SEPA, the user’s IBAN is often required along with the bank identifier code (optional for some transactions). The processing time for this method is often one business day.

Instant Credit

Last on the list, but the fastest of them all is instant credit. Like the Bach denotes, SEPA bank transfers here are instant, going immediately from the payer’s account to the recipient’s account. The transactions often occurs in seconds.

Instant credit using SEPA is available 24/7 all week long, unhindered by weekends. But both the payer and recipient’s accounts must be SEPA enabled, that is being able to send and receive money via SEPA.

Buying BTC Through SEPA

From all that we have discussed, it is evident that buying Bitcoin via SEPA bank transfer is done through instant credit for effectiveness and swift processing. This is because not only is instant credit the fastest method but is also readily available whenever you need it.

To purchase BTC via SEPA, first step is to ensure that your bank supports SEPA transfers and that the crypto platform accepts SEPA payment. After you’ve done this, sign in to your account on the crypto platform and select the option to buy BTC, indicating that you’re paying with EUR currency. For most platforms this is under P2P section (since you’re paying with fiat).

Go on to add a new payment often and select SEPA (EU) bank transfer. Then, input the amount of BTC you want to purchase. The page would redirect you to a payment page where you would have to input your real name, bank details, iBAN, among others. The required details vary based on the platform used. And once the platform confirms your payment, the BTC is deposited into your wallet.

Thus, buying BTC with SEPA (EI) bank transfer is seamless, swift, and effective. If you’re in the Eurozone area, SEPA is a good means to purchase BTC.

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