Here is the Possible Reason for the Recent Drop in Ethereum Price

Here is the Possible Reason for the Recent Drop in Ethereum Price

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Key Points

  • ETH is down by nearly 10% since reaching $2.1k
  • Justin Sun is now a matchmaker

After many months of a dip in the price of Ethereum and what felt like winter, the price of Ether became more attractive like a plantation of beautiful flowers. Surprisingly, it started slipping and looks like its wings have been cut off.

However, the co-founder of Tron, Justin Sun took to Twitter on Friday to reveal a hilarious reason why the community is experiencing a drop in the price of ETH. Sun is popular for being the founder of Tron blockchain, we never knew he’s now a matchmaker.

According to Sun, Vitalik’s recent breakup is the reason for the recent drop in the price of ETH.

“Rumor has it that the crypto market and ETH price are down because Vitalik Buterin ended things with his girlfriend,” Sun said in his tweet, adding that he’s up to introduce Vitalik to a new partner, so we can add some value to the current price of ETH.

Early Friday, Vitalik liked a post that described a breakup in Chinese, even though it seems like there’s no connection, the community has attributed the drop in the price of ETH to the breakup.

It seems Vitalik will have to be very careful henceforth, so he won’t let his private life affect ETH holders emotionally.

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