Grayscale adds $1.6 billion in Bitcoin, LTC, XLM, MANA, and BAT

Grayscale adds $1.6 billion in Bitcoin, LTC, XLM, MANA, and BAT

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Michael Sonnenshein

After Friday, the Grayscale Investments company, which is associated with Barry Silbert, has purchased more cryptocurrency, raising a massive $1.6 billion more Bitcoin and other crypto coins to its storage accessible to buyers. According to the Bybt analytics app, the firm has purchased several altcoins in the last 30 days, including ones introduced recently and used to create new crypto trusts.

Grayscale announced on its official Twitter page that as of April 12, the company owned $47.7 billion in cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and others. This amount was slightly lower but still impressive on Friday of last week; it was $46.1 billion in cryptocurrency.  Since Friday, the company had spent almost $1 billion in Bitcoin, the most valuable cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization. The remainder of the above amount is associated with altcoins.

Grayscale has also bought a significant amount of common altcoins in recent months, including Stellar, Litecoin, and others; it has recently introduced and opened new crypto confidence.

Grayscale collaborates with Time magazine

Grayscale CEO Michael Sonnenshein tweeted on Monday regarding a new Grayscale partnership, this time with the famous Time Magazine. Together, the firms plan to introduce a collection of crypto-related videos to teach those who are still unaware of what crypto is or how it functions. The legendary magazine has decided to be compensated in Bitcoin and to keep BTC on its balance sheet. This is the first global media company to have the major blockchain on its balance sheet.

Bitcoin reaches an all-time high record of $62,700

Today, April 13, Bitcoin reached a new all-time peak of $62,700. This happened precisely one month after the existing historic high of $61,800. The direct listing of Coinbase stocks on the Nasdaq tomorrow is the primary driver of the company’s rapid development. However, a few minor changes have occurred, such as more institutions embracing Bitcoin and Time magazine and Galaxy Digital filing for a Bitcoin ETF.

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