Good Morning Britain’s Kate Garraway Alleged Affiliation with Bitcoin True or False?

Good Morning Britain’s Kate Garraway Alleged Affiliation with Bitcoin True or False?

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Kate Garraway’s fake news

Recently, rumors emerged that Kate Garraway, one of the four celebrity presenters of the UK’s popular television show, Good Morning Britain, has invested in Bitcoin, uses and supports Bitcoin trading systems.

Hip-hop artist Snoop Dog, American media personality Paris Hilton, and CEO of Tesla Elon Musk are examples of celebrities who have invested in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and are publicly backing them. Therefore, it is expected that the public may start speculating which other of their favorite television personality has joined the cryptocurrency market.

Kate Garraway Denies Investing in Bitcoin

To the disappointment of Bitcoin enthusiasts, the rumors of Good Morning Britain’s Kate Garraway investment in the digital currency may turn out to be false. First, the UK’s popular television show host herself came forward to deny any association with Bitcoin or the Bitcoin trading robots such as Bitcoin Evolution, Bitcoin Revolution, Bitcoin Profit and Bitcoin Code, that blogs had linked her to.

Another thing to note is the outlets for Kate Garraway’s fake news were mainly gossip blogs. Good Morning Britain’s Kate Garraway is an established celebrity presenter and would no way announce her investments through gossip blogs. Gossip blogs are known to put out information about popular figures just for the sake of attracting traffic to their sites. A significant number of news released by gossip blogs has turned out to be far from the truth in the past. Readers should, therefore, not take anything from these sites seriously.

Users Should Be Wary of Scam Sites Posting Cryptocurrency-Related Content

The rampancy of scams surrounding bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, such as Kate Garraway’s fake news, increase negativity towards this otherwise profitable industry. Automated Bitcoin trading platforms, for instance, are capable of making the most profitable trades for newbies who are still learning the ins and outs of bitcoin trading.

Users need to be wary of the many scam sites posting cryptocurrency information. It is possible to separate factual sites from fake ones by first conducting thorough research. Comparing the same information from different sites will expose one that may be a scam. Moreover, sites that end in “lo” or “” are commonly scams. Another obvious confirmation to make is if the content has an author. Legit sites will most likely credit the author of the content contrary.

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