💎GOLD (PAXG) FREE UPDATE March 9, 2022

💎GOLD (PAXG) FREE UPDATE March 9, 2022

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Gold UP ~9% since our previous update‼️

  • Yello, ladies and gents🇺🇦😎✊!

💎Since our last FREE update, we recommended you to buy PAXG on Binance, which trades 1:1 with Gold; it is already up around 9%!

💎We expect Gold to slow down for a bit here at resistance before breaking out. Definitely not stopping in the mid-long term in its rally, because as you can see on our chart below, which we kept the same from February 20, Gold still has around 34% upside potential left!

💎This tells us that in the midterm, the war in eastern Europe will escalate even more before it starts to calm down.

💎As we already updated you at the beginning of the year, inflation hits 40-year highs as we have been expecting and as we are going forward, this means that Gold (PAXG) will still act as a great safe haven or simply a great place to park some extra liquidity (i.e. USDT) as it’s expected to keep on rising.

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