FREE INSIGHT January 19, 2022

January 19, 2022

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Is This The End⁉️

  • Yello ladies and gents😎🥃

💎3 Month realized volatility for Bitcoin has just hit a 1-year low with a rating below 64%! This means that after the violent and high volume drop from $69k, BTC has pretty much remained pretty much “silent”. Check it out

💎This is exactly the indicator we were looking for! Because this lack in higher time frame volatility for BTC translates directly to a loss in power and momentum of the dominating side (in the case of the last 69 days since the downtrend started its the side of bears), this means that we are at or very near to our MACRO TF bottom and our latest short term bullish move could easily become the confirmation that will take us once again above the important resistance! As you know from our latest BTC FREE update it is at $53k.

💎Tommorow, it will be exactly 69 days of the downtrend we are all experiencing together since November 2021. Same as after May to July period, which also last 69 days, we have seen an uptrend continuation afterwards check this chart.

💎Also note that only derivatives cause the current sell-off; price can be easily manipulated if you have enough money to do so. Keep in mind that there is no real on-chain institutional selling; even the mining companies that still did not liquidate are holding their assets at a loss.

💎With BTC price still fluctuating with very low volatility around our support $42k, it gives us another reason to believe we are at or very near to a mid to long-term bottom, and that we will be able to continue in our bullish macro cycle if not by tomorrow, then very soonish.

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