Facebook Begins Testing Polygon and Ethereum NFTs On Some Selected Profiles  

Facebook Begins Testing Polygon and Ethereum NFTs On Some Selected Profiles  

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Using a handful of creators in the US, Facebook has started testing how Nft would look on its platform, and very soon, Facebook users will be able to display and sell their digital collectibles on their timelines.

On Thursday. Meta’s product manager, Navdeep Singh took to Twitter to share the screenshots of how Nfts will look like on Facebook. 

In what his screenshot depicts, Facebook users who click on the Nft post would be able to see the details of the Nft (like the creators, and the name of the collection).

As said by Meta’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, Meta is exploring the possibility of letting its platform users be able to display and market their digital collectibles on Instagram and Facebook, and with the recent information, this innovation is getting close to reality.

Very soon, Facebook and Instagram will incorporate blockchain networks of Ethereum, Polygon, and Flow into its platform to promote their web 3 projects. Users will then be required to connect their cryptocurrency wallets (like Metamask) to their accounts, and be able to prove the Nft ownership before displaying it on their timelines.

Meta’s CEO in a statement also said the company is going to work on augmented reality Nfts or 3D Nfts that users can bring to Instagram Stories using Spark AR, which is Meta’s software AR platform.

According to the company, showcasing Nfts on its platforms would come with no charges associated, also, there will not be any attempt to turn digital collectibles posts into ads for now.

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