Ex-Senator, Cory Gardner Joins Crypto Council for Innovation

Ex-Senator, Cory Gardner Joins Crypto Council for Innovation

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As time passes, the crypto community keeps attracting people with great leadership experience across the globe.

The former United States Senator for Colorado from 2015-2021, Cory Gardner joined the crypto council for innovation to be their chief political affairs strategist.

The Crypto Council for Innovation (CCI) is a crypto advocacy group intended to establish dialogues with governments and regulatory agencies regarding the benefits of digital assets. The council is backed by Gemini, Coinbase and several other crypto investment firms.

In a Thursday announcement by the CEO Sheila Warren, who said Gardner was one of the three new members to join the group’s leadership team since she became the CEO. The ex-senator will work alongside Amanda Russo, a communicators adviser for the World Economic Forum, and Annie Dizon, a former executive with social impact nonprofit TechSoup. Katherine WU, a venture partner at Archetype, will become CCI’S first research fellow, while former Algorand Foundation CEO Sean Lee joined the group to assist in building its Asia-Pacific presence.

The combined leadership and global experience of our new team members will fortify CCI’s expertise in a crucial moment, both within our organization and across the crypto industry worldwide,” Sheila Warren, the group’s CEO, said in a statement. “This expanded team will bolster CCI’s presence on the West Coast as well as in Washington, D.C., and adds critical presence in APAC, supporting the advancement of our priorities to drive the evolution of the crypto ecosystem and support the global policy community.”

While speaking to the media, Gardner said his addition to the council was as a result of his experience in Washington “to build a stronger economy and support innovation” as well as his commitment to Web 3.0 and crypto.

Gardner is a one-term senator, he lost his reelection to the senate to the Democrat, John Hickenlooper in 2020, during his time at the senate, he chaired the Energy and Natural Resources Subcommittee from 2017 to 2019, last year, Cory Gardner joined the board of Michael Best Strategies, a lobbying firm run by the former White House chief of staff, Reince Priebus.

More crypto lobbyists

In order to get the necessary legislative support, the crypto industry has been ramping up its lobbying presence, and in the last three years, lobbyists representing crypto has tripled, a report from Public Citizen last month shows that several senators, and top financial regulators have been reported to be among the lists. The crypto advocates’ lobbying is now spending quadrupled since 2018.

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