Ethereum ETF Decision Day Looms: All Eyes on SEC

Ethereum ETF Decision Day Looms: All Eyes on SEC

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Quick Take:

•The first spot Ethereum ETF verdict is due this Wednesday, courtesy of the SEC.

•Observers like Nate Geraci suggest approval odds are low, but the market might have already adjusted for this.

Yello ParadiseSquad! This Wednesday could be a red-letter day or a red-faced one for Ethereum enthusiasts as the SEC swings its regulatory hammer down on VanEck’s spot Ethereum ETF application. With Ark 21Shares hot on its heels with a Thursday deadline, it feels a bit like waiting for exam results in the crypto world.

The SEC’s Balancing Act

Here’s the scoop: the SEC has to give the nod to both the 19b-4s (think rule changes for exchanges like NYSE or Nasdaq to list the ETFs) and the S-1s (the nitty-gritty details about the ETFs themselves). Nate Geraci hinted that the SEC might greenlight the 19b-4s but could drag its heels on the S-1s—essentially, playing hard to get with the final approval.

The Players and the Play

The scene is set with five SEC commissioners poised to cast their votes. Among them, Gary Gensler, who previously showed some love for spot Bitcoin ETFs, could be a swing vote. He’s joined by a mixed bag of crypto-friendly and not-so-friendly commissioners. It’s almost like a dramatic showdown at the crypto corral.

ETH Price Speculations Run Wild

If the SEC surprises us with a thumbs-up, expect Ethereum prices to sprint like a released greyhound, potentially targeting the $3,500 mark. However, the general vibe among crypto prophets like Dippy.eth is that rejection is more likely. Yet, he’s betting that Ethereum’s bottom is already behind it and that an ETF approval is just a matter of time optimism with a hint of defiance.

What If the SEC Says No?

“Mister Crypto” and other market watchers reckon a bearish outcome is already baked into the current prices. So, if the SEC plays the grinch and rejects the applications, the market shrug might be less dramatic than expected. But, if the SEC pulls an approval rabbit out of its hat, the resulting price action could be a sight to behold, like finding an unexpected double rainbow over the crypto landscape.


With Ethereum ETF D-Day almost upon us, the crypto crowd is waiting. Will the SEC pave the way for Ethereum to shine, or is it back to the drawing board? Either way, Ethereum’s journey is far from dull, and Wednesday’s decision could be another key chapter in the saga of crypto’s dance with regulators.

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