Elon Musk Supports AMC Accepting Doge Payments, But There Is a Catch

Elon Musk Supports AMC Accepting Doge Payments, But There Is a Catch

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Dogecoin advocate Elon Musk

Tesla CEO and passionate Dogecoin advocate Elon Musk have shown his support to the addition of Doge Payments to the world’s largest movie theater AMC.

Which Vote Might Elon Musk Have Made in Aron’s Poll

AMC CEO Adam Aron recently posted a Twitter poll on whether the entertainment chain should include Dogecoin in the list of digital coins payments it will accept by the end of the year. 

Two hours before the end of the poll, AMC CEO Adam Aron alerted Twitter that Tesla CEO Elon Musk had liked his tweet. Aron expressed his excitement while congratulating Musk on his success in the innovation field.

It is unclear whether billionaire Elon Musk went further to participate in the poll apart from liking it. Aron had put four options for voters on the query of whether AMC should explore Doge payments. Once could vote “Yes, for sure do it,” “Yes, but I won’t use it,” “No, not that important,” or “No, a waste of effort.” 

Most of Dogecoin’s success stems from tweets from the Tesla CEO Elon Musk. It would be an obvious assumption to assume that he picked “Yes” in the poll. However, which of the two positives did he select? 

The Catch

With existing factors considered, some of Musk’s past actions lean towards the “Yes, but I won’t use it” vote. The crypto community should recall that Musk has had a similar poll asking his followers whether his electric car-maker Tesla should start accepting Doge payments. Despite an overwhelming number of yes votes, billionaire CEO Elon Musk is yet to speak on the subject again.

His most recent comment to Dogecoin’s creator Shibetoshi Nakamoto further supports Aron’s second vote option. Nakamoto tweeted that AMC CEO’s tweet about Dogecoin made it a good day. In response, Dogecoin advocate Elon Musk wrote, “Super important for Doge fees to drop to make things like buying movie tix viable.”

 And there is the catch. According to Musk, while it is a good idea for MAC to add Doge payments, Dogecoin needed to fix its high transaction fees for the move to be convenient to users. Elon has been vocal about his support for a fee-change proposal in the meme crypto. His enthusiasm for this change impedes the rush to add it as a payment option. 

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