Electric Car Designed by Tesla’s Competitor to Start Mining Cryptocurrencies

Electric Car Designed by Tesla’s Competitor to Start Mining Cryptocurrencies

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Canadian electric car maker, Denmark,

Canadian electric car maker, Denmark, has announced its first Spiritus prototype will mine Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and similar other cryptocurrencies.

The mining process will be broadcast on the company’s website, and viewers will monitor the car’s earnings in real-time.

This futuristic three-wheeler was supposed to begin mining on June 1st but ran a month late behind schedule. Currently, the cutting-edge future ran by the Daymak Nebula platform is awaiting patent approval.

The Spiritus prototype has been integrated with a powerful GPU that starts mining crypto immediately after the car is packed. Additionally, the vehicle also supports a Nebula wallet capable of storing and managing proceeds from the miners.

In case of a successful prototype, the Spiritus model is expected to launch in 2023 officially. That said, pre-orders of the vehicle are available at a locked-in price of $18,495 per vehicle.

Any other e-vehicle manufacturers interested in integrating the nebula platforms will have to buy licenses to incorporate the technology.

Further Blockchain Inventions

Daymark co-founder believes blockchain technology to be the ‘most innovative technology of our lifetime.

‘Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency are two of the most disruptive innovations of our time, and we are proud to be the first auto-manufacturer in history to incorporate it into our Spiritus EV offering.’

The founder of the wireless driving vehicles envisions a future where Spiritus owners would be greeted by cryptocurrency proceeds generated by their cars.

As of now, it is a bit uncertain to tell whether the car will be able to pay for itself since the mining feature will very unlikely generate any profits.

Every Spiritus vehicle will be functioning as a node on both proof-of-stake and proof-of-work blockchains.

Regardless of how economically feasible Spiritus plans out,  the prototype remains a genius marketing strategy that will attract numerous crypto enthusiasts to the product.

Even so, Spiritus proves cars can be more than a depreciating asset, and this alone fascinates even non-cryptonians.

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