Crypto Market Free Insights March 11, 2022

Crypto Market Free Insights March 11, 2022

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Be Careful On The Weekend ‼️

  • Yello, ladies and gentlemen🍷😎!

💎As you all know, the ParadiseTeam is watching the crypto market 24/7, and this morning we spectated a huge 3500 BTC whale short position opened on Bitfinex.

💎We have backed analysed everything and then slowly took necessary protective action in ParadiseFamilyVIP on the move up earlier today, which was orchestrated to catch breakout traders plus get rid of overleveraged short positions.

💎As you can see on the first graph below, usually, this kind of behaviour leads to a big volatile move!

How does this affect the LTF price action?

1) What usually happens is that If the shorts increase massively in the distribution zone (high positive funding) and bearish macro market structure, it could be for the preparation of a significant long term dump, which will be foregoing for months/years. THIS IS NOT OUR CASE.

2) The second scenario is when the shorts increase massively in the accumulation zone (High negative funding) and bullish macro market structure. In this case, it might cause a volatile dip, but the recovery will be speedy, and confirmational reversal of the trend will take place. THIS IS WHAT WILL HAPPEN.

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1 year ago


1 year ago

I’m glad it’s the second case…

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