Crypto Market FREE INSIGHT March 17, 2022

Crypto Market FREE INSIGHT March 17, 2022

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Whales Short Position Is Now Closed‼️

  • Yello, ladies and gents🍸😎!

💎There was a drop in the crypto market as expected over the weekend. We have been profiting on it with ParadiseFamilyVIP members until yesterday when we decided to close our shorts. The people who are in our result channel already know 👉

💎Upon yesterday’s insight info about today’s positive FOMC meeting results. Whales started to fully close the huge 3500 BTC short position yesterday. We’ve been warning you about it on Friday, so the ParadiseTeam hopes you you stayed safe over the weekend and took advantage of it🤝

💎Recently, we have found another positive long-term signal on the blockchain. Let us describe it for you:

💎Coinbase has seen a very violent and large outflow of BTC in the past week, totalling over 30,000 BTC (Worth around $1.2 Billion). This amount of outflows has not been seen since August of 2017 and cut the total held BTC in Coinbase by 36.6%!!!

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