Crypto Market Free DOGE Update April 4, 2023

Crypto Market Free DOGE Update April 4, 2023

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💎Doge is currently touching our MTF resistance zone. If we manage to close a daily candle above it, we will revisit our HTF resistance level, which is 27% higher from the Current Market Price. If not, however, we may see a correction back to our previous LTF resistance, which could be flipped into support. If that doesn’t happen and we break through, we could correct even deeper back to our Higher Time Frame major support zone, where we initially bought Doge in late January, and made for you the free analysis

💎With ParadiseFamilyVIPs we have been buying and selling DOGE back and forth during this period. ATM until we close daily candle above our MTF level, we would be very careful buying DOGE now if you don’t already own some from our previous update when Doge was trading at our major support zone and is now up by around 31%.

💎Why do we exercise safety measures here✅? Because today is the day when market makers force retail traders to FOMO buy at resistance, most likely using them as exit liquidity (they pay for news and some influencers to share fake rumors that Elon Musk is changing his Twitter logo to doge symbol).

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