​​Crypto Market BTC/USD FREE UPDATE May 27, 2022

​​Crypto Market BTC/USD FREE UPDATE May 27, 2022

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28000$ taken✅ – what’s next⁉️

  • Yello, ladies and gentlemen😎🥃!

💎As we correctly expected in the previous FREE update, $28k after a few days rangebound periods has been finally taken today! And instantly printed around 6% recovery to the upside✅

💎However, don’t think you have caught the total bottom. Take a look at the bigger picture of NASDAQ and the S&P 500 Index. You will clearly understand that S&P has corrected an average of 30% in each recession.

💎That will put the S&P 500 Index at around 3300 level from the highs, which perfectly aligns with the pre-pandemic levels. AND that has not been touched yet!

💎Current NASDAQ volatility has reached new highs not seen since March of 2020, meaning that global markets are seeing extreme lower time frame shakeouts. This is affecting the global markets and crypto as well.

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