​​Crypto Market BTC/USD FREE UPDATE June 1, 2022

​​Crypto Market BTC/USD FREE UPDATE June 1, 2022

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Are Bulls in Charge Again❓

  • Yello, ladies and gents🚬😎!

💎Bitcoin is up a decent 13.3% from our liquidity green line level at ~28k, which we have been showing you since 15 May.

💎We saw a successful high volume move up from our local support zone, suggesting some further upside in the mid-term.

💎Furthemore, BTC monthly close today will be excellent.

💎However, on LTF, Bitcoin seems a bit overbought, so before breaking up further, we might need to range a bit longer in the local resistance zone or correct a bit down.

💎It is important to stay above $30k during the wind off. If the bulls defend it, we may finally see a further upward movement to our strong resistance zone. Based on the Price Action in that zone, we will likely be positioning ourselves into short trades or looking for a continuation and break out higher🚀

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