Crypto FREE MARKET UPDATE July 20,2022

Crypto FREE MARKET UPDATE July 20,2022

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????Before the altcoins started pumping, we already alerted you about the whales’ actions in alts on 11 July, and now? Tons of altcoins are beginning to push past their resistance levels????. You definitely want to be watching us right now in our FREE result channel. You will start seeing how we are catching and taking profits on the top gainers, as we always do in all bull trend rallies.

????Unsurprisingly, BTC follows the rest of the market. And finally breaking through the range as you already know from us.

????There are no intense resistance levels right until 28-29k. If you’re one of those people still waiting for a “black swan” crash to 15k – good luck with that. In this situation, the longer you wait, the higher you’ll buy.

????European Central Bank is starting eternal bonds buying program next week – essentially printing money out of thin air to throw into the market. No one knows how FED will react, but central banks usually move in unison, and the dollar being too strong is terrible for America’s exports. It looks like the only thing they can do is flood the market with money.

????We will still stay away from high leverage as we expect increased volatility on both sides while grinding up. Alts got rekt so hard; 50% moves seem insignificant on the chart.

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