Coinbase Promises to Hire 1,000 People in India Expansion

Coinbase Promises to Hire 1,000 People in India Expansion

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Coinbase Employment in India

Global crypto exchange Coinbase has gladdened job seekers in India after a recent blog post promising to hire 1000 people.

Brian Armstrong, the exchange’s CEO, describes how ambitious their plans are for the India hub in just this year. As we speak, Armstrong and his team are in India for this entire week to draft the work plan.

India is among the top countries with a robust identity of digital payments infrastructure. Least to mention, we are all witnesses to the county’s software skills and mentorship efforts. Undoubtedly, India is the perfect hub to accelerate crypto and web3 technology.

Coinbase Expansion Schedule

Coinbase is quite busy in India. On Thursday, the 7th of this month, the team there will be hosting a community event in Bangalore to discuss a way forward. Registration for that event is ongoing. This Friday, a startup pitch event has been organized in partnership with the builder’s tribe.

Coinbase runs on a core belief that crypto is the best tool in existence capable of offering financial freedom to the world. It has already invested over $150 million in Indian homegrown technology companies with such high drive.

Coinbase Employment in India

The first Indian tech hub was launched last year and already has 300 full-time employees. The rest of 2022, as promised, should see to it that the hub hires 1000 more individuals.

It is quite a heavy investment, but Armstrong believes “India is a magical place and crypto has a huge future here.”

Coinbase is the second-largest cryptocurrency exchange by market cap. Last month, in the Lighting up the map blog post, they explained how they plan to scale globally. Part of this agenda was to double regional investments and add to its portfolio platforms, such as the CoinDCX in India.

We hope to see Coinbase spread roots to all regions.

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