Coinbase partners with Peninsula Visa to facilitate Bitcoin payments for selected U.S passport services

Coinbase partners with Peninsula Visa to facilitate Bitcoin payments for selected U.S passport services

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Peninsula Visa to facilitate Bitcoin payments

Peninsula Visa, one of the oldest Visa and passport processing firm, now accepts bitcoin payment for services in the selected U.S passport services. Coinbase confirmed that they would facilitate the process by working hand in hand with the visa processing firm.

In their move to ease the transactions for the visa processing services, Peninsula Visa announced, in their official press release that, the payment for select passport services will be aided by bitcoin. They added that within the course of the next twelve months, their clients would be able to have their needs facilitated through BTC payment method.

Coinbase offers a helping hand with a more robust platform.

Coinbase matched forward in their attempt to facilitate the bitcoin payment in the visa services. Coinbase has availed a robust platform that is more secure to ease the bitcoin payment services for the Peninsula Visa clients.

The select passport services accepting BTC.

The various passport services that have been selected for the bitcoin payment method include; name change passport services, renewal of the passport, acquiring of a second passport as well as the second passport renewal. With these, the ease in making the payment has been immensely facilitated through the bitcoin payment method.

As a result of the post covid19 recovery, making payment convenient to travelers within the US is one of the noble moves that various organizations within the sector should embrace. Bitcoin utilizes the blockchain technology and has proved to be more digital than any other means there exists.

Speaking in an official press release session, the chief operating officer, Evans James, mentioned that this is the first time they are accepting digital payment in their 50 years course of visa services provision. He added that the firm is thrilled that their clients can now have ease in payment through their adoption of an alternative payment method.

Some airline and flight services accept cryptocurrencies. 

Bjon Kjos and family, the Norwegian commercial magnates, introduced crypto services that include BTC as well as other altcoins by the name Norwegian Block Exchange. Reports indicate that Ola Kjos, one of the tycoon’s son, immersed himself in a massive crypto trade in one of the markets in 2017.

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