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BTC/USDT FREE UPDATE January 8, 2022

January 11, 2022

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Are You Scared⁉️

  • Yello ladies and gents🚬😎🥃

💎Exactly as the ParadiseTeam anticipated since December 6, we are finally retesting the lows at the $42k support again.

💎A few days ago, we closed the daily we been talking about previously, below the local support (now flipped into resistance), which worked as a confirmation that we are really going to dump towards $42k, and as we said in the previous FREE Update (December 30), “Bitcoin is a rocket, and it just needs more fuel to fly higher” It is doing exactly that and just getting tanked before the next launch, so this move down was inevitable.

💎Suddenly, not everyone will be on-board at the time of launch; it is because most people can not think individually, but they act in herds. Keep in mind, that we can have a few more liquidation wicks below the $42k support to grab more liquidity so the market makers can, after that, push Bitcoin up again more easily.

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