BTC/USDT FREE UPDATE December 7, 2021

BTC/USDT FREE UPDATE December 7, 2021

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  • Yello ladies and gentlemen🍸😎

💎By observing a deep price action of Bitcoin, we are expecting an upward 4th wave move from here to a $53,000 resistance retest (previously support) and fill the CME gap before potentially seeing another leg down to take all the liquidity below and shake out rest of the crypto noobs, before reversing to the upside (with a low estimated at around $42,000).

💎It’s before Christmas, which brings extra expenses, and the big players exactly knew when to crash the market to make retail sell in a loss. Because they know that more people are trading with money they cant afford to lose than the people who are trading only with money they are not emotionally attached to, hence don’t need to make emotional and hasty decisions upon manipulative PA.

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