Suffers a Major Hack Suffers a Major Hack

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Today, the oldest Bitcoin-related cryptocurrency registered after founders Satoshi Nakamoto and Martti Malmi suffered a major hack.

Earlier this morning, the site showed a fake popup claiming the bitcoin foundation was giving back to the community. The popup gave an address to which customers would send their bitcoins and, in return, get double the amount they gave. was operated and managed by pseudonymous developer “Cobra,” but we have no idea who was running the show during the attack. Customers reported repeated denial of service before the website ambush. The fraudsters have so far made away with $17,764 as per the time of reporting.

Speaking on this matter, the pseudonymous developer “Cobra” blamed the whole incident on the security breach of their web infrastructure provider, Cloudflare. Cobra claims that their servers did not get any traffic during the hack hours, but Cloudflare maintains silence on this matter.

Although the site’s team was able to resolve the error successfully, it does not lessen the adversity cybercrime threats currently in the industry. In July this year, the same site had to take down the Bitcoin whitepaper. This unfortunate event was precedented after a self-proclaimed Satoshi Craig Wright won a lawsuit on a copyright infringement case.

Last year, major Twitter accounts belonging to Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Elon Musk, and other similarly influential celebrities got hacked. The criminals plastered each of these social profiles similar giveaway promotions.

Bitcoin giveaway scams are and will always be an easy target, promising people easy money. Since we have been through this rodeo one too many times, the rule of thumb applies if the deal seems too sweet; Think Twice.

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