Bitcoin Enthusiast, Wyoming Senator, Hires ‘Crypto Cowboy’ as the State Policy Director

Bitcoin Enthusiast, Wyoming Senator, Hires ‘Crypto Cowboy’ as the State Policy Director

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Wyoming Senator-elect Cynthia Lummis

Wyoming Senator-elect Cynthia Lummis recently announced her staff members that will serve in Washington DC and Wyoming offices. Among the appointed individuals is Tyler Lindholm of Sundance to be the State Policy Director.

Lummis has had quite the reputation of being a bitcoin supporter ever since she purchased them in 2013. Before her campaign aspirations in 2019, she had passed a bill supporting cryptocurrencies and blockchains. She remains firmly convinced that a cryptocurrency savvy person was the best fit to represent Wyoming’s state and, thus, her recent staff appointment.

Tyler Lindholm works as the chief of ranching operations in a food chain supply company that utilizes DLT technology  in supplying ‘blockchain verified beef and sheep.’ Before this new role, Lindholm was served as a Wyoming state representative and co-chaired the Wyoming blockchain taskforce. The team passed several pro-crypto legislation pieces, such as the Utility Token Act, all to promote crypto-based businesses throughout the state.

These legislations have set apart Wyoming as a blockchain business hub. The state has since sealed big business deals, among them the Kraken Financial CryptoBank and the IOHK blockchain lab at the University of Wyoming.

Evidently, Lindholm has been at this for a while and is no newbie to this emerging crypto world. As the state policy director, he will commence his new role in January 2021, just before the president’s inauguration.

Lumming’s Bitcoin Passion Story

Cynthia Lummis first became aware of the cryptocurrency through her son-in-law, the chief product officer of Unchained Capital. She bought her first bitcoin investment in 2013, where a coin was worth around 300 dollars.

She and her state director will bring Bitcoin to the US Senate and take time to educate other senators on it as an asset that can be grown to be an adjunct alongside fiat currency. She believes bitcoins to be a better store of value that can help reduce national debt and improve the US dollar purchasing power.

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