Bitbay Top European Crypto Exchange Rebrands to Zonda

Bitbay Top European Crypto Exchange Rebrands to Zonda

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BitBay rebranded as Zonda

BitBay, Poland’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange, has rebranded as Zonda and appointed a new CEO as it prepares to expand outside Europe.

BitBay rebranded as Zonda

According to recently recruited CEO Przemysaw Kral, Zonda, which has over a million members and a crypto license to operate throughout the European Union, is on track to get a license in Switzerland next, and followed by the United Kingdom and Canada.

Before becoming CEO, Kral, who was BitBay’s chief legal officer, said the company is popular in Central and Eastern Europe because it has a crypto/fiat license in Estonia and is the only exchange to have an audited financial statement. He went on to say that they now want to be wholly regulated and have licensed all over the place.

According to Kral, with the gradual encroachment of global anti-money laundering (AML) legislation, many crypto firms are stalled at some point of registration with regulatory agencies. The move of Zonda into Switzerland is more than simply a license application.

He went on to say that they have a Swiss corporate structure and are employing there. They also collaborate with SEBA Bank, which is FINMA-licensed, and they want to get their Swiss license in the first quarter of 2022.

Impact of BitBay’s new name Zonda

Today is a big day for Zonda (previously BitBay); they are changing their name and logo and relocating their website to They have progressed to the next stage of their development after eight years of growth and a fast increasing product range.

A new brand, Zonda, embodies the industry’s winds of change, a new strategy centered on simplicity, regulation, and education, and a new leadership team with plans to expand the company’s worldwide reach.

BitBay’s rebrand vision

This rebranding idea was primarily inspired by the company’s new CEO, Przemysaw Kral, who formerly served as Chief Legal Officer at BitBay and has over 20 years of legal expertise.

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