Billionaire Steve Cohen Declares Himself a Full crypto Convert

Billionaire Steve Cohen Declares Himself a Full crypto Convert

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Billionaire Steve Cohens

The crypto community has gained yet another renowned figure. Billionaire investor and owner of the New York Mets, Steve Cohen, is the latest to declare his support for cryptocurrency publicly.

The CEO of asset management firm Point72 announced that he is doing a deep dive into cryptocurrency. He further added that having missed out on the first part of it, he will no longer be left out of the crypto world. Cohen declared himself fully converted to cryptocurrency.

There is No Better Way to Learn About Crypto than to Invest in It: Steve Cohen

Although Billionaire Steve Cohens mentioned that he missed out on the first part of crypto, he feels it is still early to invest. Point72 CEO Cohen believes in the reliable innovation that is cryptocurrency. As he steps foot in the innovation, Cohen states that there is no better way to learn about crypto than to invest in it.

Citing an old saying, “at the poker table, you got to pay to learn,” billionaire Steve Cohen emphasizes that there is no other way around cryptocurrencies. Nonetheless, the New York Mets Steve Cohen owner recognizes the volatility of cryptocurrencies and admits to not knowing whether they will rise or fall after investing.

Point72 Looking into the Transformative and Disruptive Blockchain Technology

When asked about Poin72’s view on Bitcoin, the New York Mets Steve Cohen owner dismissed the leading cryptocurrency by market cap. He stated that he was more interested in the blockchain technology behind Bitcoin. Blockchain technology, according to Steve Cohen, is transformational and disruptive, traits that Point72 could leverage.

Point72 CEO Steve Cohen stated that the asset management firm could make use of how the crypto market is developing. As of April 1, Point72 had approximately $22.1 billion in assets under management (AUM). Point72 is a considerable huge firm with 12 offices around the globe with more than 1,650 workers. It will be a massive gain for the crypto market if Point72 adopts cryptocurrency or blockchain technology.

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