Billionaire Orlando Bravo’s Company Pursuits to Invest in Blockchain Companies

Billionaire Orlando Bravo’s Company Pursuits to Invest in Blockchain Companies

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Orlando Bravo

Under the co-foundership of Orlando Bravo, Private Equity Company Thoma Bravo is looking to expand its territories towards the crypto space. On Thursday, the company revealed its plans to invest at the Bloomberg Invest Global virtual conference.

During the conference, an interviewer posed a question as to whether Thoma Bravo would consider investment into the crypto space. Orlando began by emphasizing how keen Thoma Bravo is as a lead investor in the growth equity round of FTX and will be an essential factor in the long-term cryptocurrency growth.

According to Orlando, the evolution in blockchain provides a very tangible difference in use cases to modern-day problem solutions than existing database product technologies. He sees blockchain as a ‘whole lot bigger’ software market that aligns perfectly with the focus on software and technology their private equity firm handles.

Orlando further pointed out that Thoma was not looking out to make massive buyouts in the industry but instead used a growth-equity model. Orlando believes that late-stage growth equity is becoming a feasible investment schema in the crypto space at this time in the industry.

So, in the next 2-5 years, Thoma Bravo dreams of being the first software buyout firm globally.

Bravo Bullish on BTC

Private Equity company, Thoma Bravo, manages over $83 billion equity throughout the software and technology industries. Transactions this year alone are estimated at $6.6 billion from the acquisition of an online postage company and a $3.7 billion deal for financial software provider Calypso Technology.

Orlando was all about the praises of Bitcoin last week terming it decentralized, frictionless, and borderless. Also, he perceives the industry as an excellent inflation hedge adored by young people.

Orlando hopes from the efforts of Thoma Bravo in pursuing investment in blockchain companies; many more large organizations will allocate funds to Bitcoin and rally up its prices.

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