Bearish Divergence: How to Make Profits Using it in Crypto Trading

Bearish Divergence: How to Make Profits Using it in Crypto Trading

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When it comes to trading, it can be helpful to have a variety of tools in your arsenal to help you make informed decisions. One such tool is the concept of bearish divergence, which can be a useful signal for traders looking to identify potential trend reversals. In this article, we’ll explore what bearish divergence is, how to identify it, and how it can be used in trading.

What is Bearish Divergence?

Bearish divergence in crypto trading is a term used to describe when the price of a crypto asset is making higher highs. The trading setup is usually complete with another technical indicator simultaneously making lower highs. Essentially, this means that the momentum behind the upward price movement is weakening, even as the price continues to rise. This can be a warning sign for traders that the trend may be about to reverse, potentially leading to a price drop.

How to Identify Bearish Divergence

Bearish Divergence

There are some technical indicators common among crypto traders which they often use to identify bearish divergence. These indicators usually serve as a form of trade entry or confirmation. Sometimes, they can effectively tell when to exit a trade or stop any form of losses. RSI, moving averages, as well as stochastic oscillators are common examples of such indicators. Regardless of the indicator used, the basic principle remains the same: traders are looking for a situation where the price of an asset is continuing to rise, but the momentum behind that upward movement is weakening.

For example, let’s say that the price of a crypto asset has been steadily rising over the course of a few weeks, and the RSI indicator has been rising as well. However, if the RSI begins to level off or even decline, while the price of the crypto asset continues to rise, this could be a signal of bearish divergence.

Regular And Hidden Bearish Divergences

Regular and hidden divergence

In technical analysis, traders use various indicators to identify potential trade opportunities in the financial market. A popular choice among experienced traders is the RSI. When analyzing the RSI, traders often look for regular and hidden divergences, which can provide insight into potential trend reversals.

Bearish Regular Divergence

When the price of a crypto asset and the RSI move in different directions (usually opposite directions), that’s a regular divergence. Of the two momenta, the price will be making bullish movements, while the RSI will be making bearish movements. The opposite is also true for the relationship that was just described. The RSI weakens in strength, essentially indicating a possible price reversal is inbound. The regular divergence that occurs in this manner is the bearish regular divergence. Traders often use bearish regular divergence as a sell signal and enter short positions in anticipation of the trend reversal.

Hidden Divergence

Hidden divergence is when the price of a crypto asset and the RSI are making the same price momentum. They move in the same direction. The RSI, in this case, will be making consistent highs or lows. This indicates that the strength of the trend is continuing, and a potential trend continuation is likely to occur.

Bearish Hidden Divergence

Bearish hidden divergence occurs when the price of an asset is making lower highs, but the RSI is In an uptrend, with repeated higher highs. This indicates that the selling pressure is continuing, and a potential trend continuation to the downside is likely to occur. 

Traders often use bearish hidden divergence as a sell signal and enter short positions in anticipation of the trend continuation.In conclusion, regular and hidden divergences are important tools for traders to identify potential trend reversal. Additionally, traders should always use proper risk management techniques and adhere to their trading plan to minimize potential losses

Using Bearish Divergence in Crypto Trading


Some traders may choose to sell their positions or even short the asset in question, betting that the trend is about to reverse and the price will drop. Others may choose to use bearish divergence as a signal to take profits on their long positions, in order to lock in gains before the price drops.

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However, it’s worth noting that bearish divergence is just one tool in a trader’s arsenal, and should not be relied upon exclusively. We advise traders to do their own research on this trading strategy before applying it in their long term trading plan.


By keeping an eye on technical indicators and looking for situations where the price of an asset is rising even as momentum weakens, traders can make informed decisions about when to buy, sell, or take profits.

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